Google Shopping Campaigns

Take the Leap from Traditional Campaigns to Google Shopping!

If you are a retailer or e-commerce business and would like a visually appealing way to present your products online, then Shopping Campaigns are the way to go. Designed by Google with retailers in mind, these campaigns make it easy for you to connect with your customers. Google Shopping Ads, formerly Product Listing Ads, are populated using an optimized feed of products from your website which includes product titles, descriptions, stock, pricing and a plethora of other data attributes which means your listings are near real-time for accuracy.

These campaigns use rich images and key product attributes without the use of keywords or text ads to promote your products. This means you get:

  • Immediate and higher visibility for the products in your shopping feed.
  • Increased chances of conversions as ads are only shown for the products in stock on your site.
  • To track your best performers and manage bids in real time immediately affecting conversion opportunities.

At Excellero, our shopping campaign experts will take care of the entire Shopping Campaign feed and optimization starting from data feed creation, submission and updates, continuous performance tracking and optimization, bid management as well as data quality monitoring. We update all your product information as frequently as required to keep all info in sync with your inventory therefore making your Shopping Ads as accurate as possible. You will receive regular performance updates and reports that are used to formulate future bidding and other marketing strategies for the campaign.

Our Google Shopping specialists are here to help you when you need it most, and work with you to get started on your new setup or optimizing an existing feed. Contact us today to unleash the power of a Shopping Campaign.