Google Display Advertising

The power of Display Advertising cannot be denied. Display advertising is a powerful way to create experiences which inspire, engage and convert. This can be a very cost effective marketing channel to promote brand awareness and to educate your potential customer about your brand, product or services at the beginning of their research cycle.

For businesses with longer sales cycles, the GDN can be a very powerful tool for generating and maintaining awareness. With the right strategy and management, you can reach out to the most relevant audience interested in your products or services.

Both Search and GDN channels can be extremely complex and require varying optimization skill sets. Though they may look the same within the Google Ads interface, in reality, they are extremely different. Advertisers should avoid launching display campaigns until they are knowledgeable and familiar with how each targeting option works, the best reports to run, and the optimization techniques and strategies that help accomplish an acceptable ROI.

There is great potential to gain remarkable results on the Google display network; but there is also significant potential to generate a lot of traffic without a positive ROI which can be a result of poorly structured campaigns and inefficient optimization.

At PPC Strategists, our expert team has extensive experience in setting up and managing display campaigns to maximize your advertising impact. With us, your brand gets the recognition it deserves and our ongoing management ensures you unleash the full potential of display network advertising. Contact us now for a killer Google display network campaign or get a free analysis of your existing campaign.