Google Analytics

Unleash the Power of Google Analytics!

Google Analytics

Unleash the Power of Google Analytics


At Excellero we interpret your analytics data to drive growth, meet goals and get results. Our team of certified experts delve deeply into the search funnel to formulate marketing strategies based on consumer insights from apps, sites, videos, ads, social marketing tools and much more.

Don’t have an Analytics Setup?

TWe are here to help. We can create a digital footprint to map how consumers use your website from start to finish to help build a winning marketing strategy and meet your goals across all campaigns and get value for your dollars.

With us you can expect:

·  The correct analytics configuration set up for data tracking

·  To know the value of your website content through Content Testing

·  Track how a customer navigates on your website

·  Track the devices used like tablets, pcs, smartphones and more

·  Improve reporting efforts so that you are in control of your marketing dollars and goals

·  To know the lifetime customer value

·  To create meaningful remarketing lists

·  Tag Management

·  Creation of custom data attribution models based on your needs

Google Analytics is dynamic and can prove quite a challenge for in house marketing teams keeping up with the latest trends and implementing them. Leave it to the experts at Excellero so that your team benefits from the complete power data can give you to get the first movers advantage. We have helped clients formulate, implement and run their analytics strategies across industries helping us become analytics pros. If you have trouble with any of your analytics efforts, tap into the knowledge of our certified experts and get going. Get an audit of your Analytics account for actionable insights.

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